My Memories DR, cocktail fragrances

“The olfactory experience is 60% of a cocktail”

David Ríos

Olfactory design allows you to create your own emotional space, bringing hidden memories to the surface or developing new fantasies. Our sense of smell is the doorway to our inner selves while, at the same time, it also represents what we are.

Antonella Bondi

Antonella Bondi is an architect of olfactory experiences made from natural ingredients.

Antonella wants to bring people back to a true perception of nature and to help them live memorable instants of pleasure and happiness.

She creates 100% natural fragrances using rare and precious essences which she combines into unique products that mixologists apply in their cocktails to enrich the experiences of drinking by both tasting and smelling amazing perfumes.

Natural Essences

The essential oils that form the basis of Antonella Bondi Fragrances are extracted from natural flowers, plants and spices using the ancient process of steam distillation. The leaves and other natural materials are harvested and immediately processed by steaming which separates the essences.

Antonella works only with small-scale farmers who maintain sustainable practices to produce raw materials in harmony with nature. The purity and quality of raw materials and an artisanal extraction process permit uniquely natural products that guarantee an immersive sensory experience.

The Collection

The collection “My Memories” comes from David Rios’ trips around the world, discovering perfumes, colours, ingredients, landscapes and nature from Mexico to Italy, from Spain to Japan, from Chile to Australia.

Through fragrances and olfactory stimulation, Rios’ cocktails become an experience of his world and knowledge, a kaleidoscope of emotions coming from Rios’ suggestions and Antonella Bondi essences.

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