The Experience

The beautiful Basque landscapes, with its coasts, beaches and mountains are a key part of David’s experience. When he creates his cocktails, he translates this inspiration into the citric and bitter aromas, and flavours that are some of his favourite.

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Bartending Consulting
and Training

Professional consultancy, advice and training in hospitality and bartending. Custom projects as per the individual needs of each client.

Cocktail Judge

Being judges’ panel of the leading competitions of the bartending world requires great responsibility, professionalism and respect for competitors, sponsor brands and companies alike.

Sommelier – WSET Wines Certificate

The world of wine has always been closely linked to my career, and today more than ever we use it in the creation of our cocktails.

Working as a sommelier at the Mugaritz Restaurant was one of the most important professional experiences of my career.

Official Sherry
Wines Educator

Knowledge of the history, viticulture, winemaking, biological aging, solera and criaderas system, food pairings, venencia workshop, the different categories of wines…

Course developed by the “Vinos de Jerez” Regulatory Council.

Sensory evaluator
of Tequila

The history of tequila, tequila processes from the ground up, the agave, cooking, fermentation, distillation, bottling, aging, etc. Visual, olfactory and taste evaluations. Response of the senses, recognition of tequilas with blind tastings.

Course directed by Ana María Romero, a tequila teacher and respected authority in the world of tequila.

Certificate in the secrets
of Mezcal

Agaves from both Mexico and around the world, the history of distillates in Mexico, designations of origin, physical-chemical processes in the production of mezcal, problems and environmental and social impact on the production of distillates. Sensory analysis of mezcal.

Course taught by “Aventureros del mezcal

Certificate in Brandy de Jerez

Knowledge of the history, production and service of Brandy de Jerez distillate.

By the Training Classroom of the Regulatory Council of Brandy de Jerez.

BarSmarts Certificate

Liquors and mixology course. From the history of spirits, spirits and cocktails to the different production processes and their use in cocktails. Classic and modern cocktails.

BarSmarts guarantee.