The London Essence Co.

Fine and delicate bubbles,
Essence and complexity in your cocktails with London Essence.”

David Ríos

David rios in his garden with a drink

The London Essence Company

Exquisite drinks from distilled botanicals

The London Essence Company uses traditional distillation techniques to create light and elegant drinks for the 21st Century. Using distilled essences, imagination and input from leading bartenders, we’ve crafted a range of carefully calibrated mixers with a contemporary edge.

Since 1896

Founded in 1896, on the banks of the River Thames, THE LONDON ESSENCE COMPANY developed a knowledge and expertise creating exquisite essences for leading perfume houses of the era.

By applying these secrets to food and beverage, they used the science of distillation and the art of layering’ flavours, to create natural essences with unmatched depth of flavour and complexity.

Today, inspired by the craft and inventiveness of the original firm, The London Essence Company crafts luxurious drinks from the purest flavours – selecting the finest botanicals and gently distilling them to capture their true essence.

Each of the tonics, gingers and sodas is always low in calories, contains no artificial sweeteners and delivers carefully calibrated taste profiles to accentuate premium spirits or create an exquisite standalone drinking experience.

Official distributor of The London Essence Co. in Spain and Portugal