Padre Azul and Xiaman

Premium artisanal Tequila and Mezcal

“The most important ingredient for a great Tequila is time”

Erika Sangeado – Distillery master

“Tequila, Mezcal and agave distillates are an important part of Mexican history and culture.

Working and understanding ancestral and artisanal elaboration processes to transfer them to our days, our creations and cocktails is something that I am passionate about.
I am immensely proud to be part of the Padre Azul and Xiaman family because we respect traditions, rituals, Mother Nature, and the Mexican people.”

David Ríos

David hace un cocktail con tequila

Padre Azul

Super premium Tequila

Fachada Padre Azul

100% Mexico

Padre Azul is made in Mexico, going above and beyond the standard requirements and quality criteria for tequila from Mexico. Our bottle was inspired by Mexican culture and heritage.

100% Agave

Crafted from Blue Weber Agave that is matured to at least eight years old. The Agave is grown in the ‘Valles’ near Amatitán in the state of Jalisco, Mexico.

100% Artisanal

Slow-cooked in traditional “mampostería”ovens, fermented without artificial yeast and distilled in small batches.

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I think the unique character of Padre Azul is shaped by two essential factors. Firstly, dedication. Our tequila wouldn’t be the same without all the skilled individuals behind the scenes, and who are very dedicated and passionate about their respective fields. Secondly, and not be underestimated at all is time; time to grow, time to develop, time to rest. Therefore, when it comes to tequila (and life in general), something we should never forget is to take time to savour the moment!

David Rios a la puerta de un horno de agave

But of course there is still a bit more to it:
In fact, we can identifie 7 unique characteristics that make our Padre Tequila what it is.

1. Its origin

Tequila is a protected designation of origin product and must be manufactured within five specific regions in Mexico, most notably of which is Jalisco – that’s where our Padre Azul comes from.

2. The terroir

Our agaves grow in the valleys of Amatitán, close to the town of Tequila. There they enjoy particularly high temperatures and a volcanic, porous soil that retains humidity – in short, it’s an extremely favourable habitat for the agave.

3. The raw material

Out of the more than 200 varieties of agave, just one can be used for tequila: The Blue Agave or Agave tequilana. After growing between 8 and 10 years, we select only the best agaves and exclusively the so-called piñas (the heart of the blue agave), will then be processed and turned into our Premium Tequila.

4. The cooking

The cooking is done in  mamposteríastraditional Mexican clay or stone ovens. First, the piña is cooked by steaming at a relatively low temperature for 24 hours. Then we make use of the residual heat to add another 24 hours, which gives us a total of 48 hours of cooking. Time is the secret, my friend!

5. The fermentation

For the fermentation, we exclusively use natural yeast – there is no place for artificial additives in our Padre Tequila! Natural fermentation can take between 72 and 96 hours, as it depends on the climatic conditions during the process.

6. The distillation

Tequila is put through two distillations. For the second round, we remove the heads and tails – the first and the last part of the distillation. Only the best portion of tequila, the heart, is used for the final product. The result after distillation is a high-proof tequila with about 55% alcohol, which is diluted with water in order to reach the desired 38 or 40%.

7. The maturing

Our tequila is matured in hand-selected, medium-toasted oak bourbon barrels. To be classified as a “Reposado”, a tequila has to mature for at least two months, and to be classified as “Añejo”, it must be no less than 12 months. However, we give it just a little more time: our Padre Azul Reposado is aged for 8 months, and our Añejo matures for a full 18 months!


Mezcal Artesanal

Xiaman artisanmezcal

The manufacturing of Xiaman Mezcal is strictly “artesanal”, which means according to tradition and specific rules. With 44% alcohol content, this „ensamble“-roasted Tepextate & Espadín blend is of the highest quality and meets all standards set by the Mezcal Regulatory Council.

Xiaman Mezcal is a very sensual spirit dedicated to detail and quality.

Crafted with an art handed down by five generations, this wild agave blend mezcal is a gift from ancient times. Sweet, aromatic and smokey, authentic, yet elegant: Xiaman Mezcal will appeal to all your senses.

Do you want to become a super-premium tequila and mezcal expert?

Xiaman is a blend of two agaves, 50% Tepextate agave and 50% Espadín agave. This blend achieves a perfect balance, between the complex flavours the Tepextate provides, and the rich aromas from mature Espadin.

David and blue agave