Premium organic Tequila

“A dream come true
After many years of hard work, dedication, effort, patience, passion and love… I can finally announce that I feel very happy and very proud to be the co-creator of Padrecito together with the wonderful Erika. And of course with all the super team of Padre Azul, thank you for believing in me.
Created by a bartender for bartenders. See you around the world brothers and sisters…
Padrecito is the liquid essence of the Mexican people.
Dream, enjoy with Padrecito and smile.”

David Ríos

David hace un cocktail con tequila

Introducing Padrecito

A tequila made to share

Fachada Padre Azul

Created in cooperation with global bartending champion David Rios and Master distiller Erika Sangeado, Padre Azul is proud to present it’s latest innovation: Padrecito Tequila Blanco.

Your search for the perfect mixing Tequila ends now! David’s experience in bartending combined with Erika’s knowledge of crafting smooth Tequila, result in this wonderful bottle – our Padrecito mixing Tequila. This tequila is perfect for making classic cocktails, such as a Margarita or Paloma but even more so, when creating your own signature drink. Grab a bottle of Padrecito and get creative!

Professionals, enthusiasts, and DIY-barkeeper: this tequila is dedicated to you! Padrecito is our gift to the world of barkeeping – it’s made by one of the world’s best barkeepers for all barkeepers around the world. It simply enriches every cocktail while it elevates the mixing and drinking experience at the same time!


A sharing Tequila of the highest quality! Padrecito is made from 100% blue Weber Agave that is harvested at a minimum of 6 years of maturation. Following the harvest, the carefully selected Agave is steamed for approximately 36 hours in the signature masonry oven. Finally, a three to four day period of fermentation, followed by two weeks of stabilization completes the intricate process and ensures the highest quality and exquisite taste.

David Rios a la puerta de un horno de agave

Taste Profile


It has a clear and bright color, with silver tinges and good density.


Powerful complexity in the nose with notes of fresh grass, sweet peppers, and cooked agave. Refreshing citrus nuances are accompanied by eucalyptus and mint aromas.


Citrus notes, cooked agave, fresh pineapple, and white pepper. Refreshing balsamic nuances with an unctuous mouth feel. Long-lasting on the palate with great balance and complexity.


Tequila with great complexity of green fruits, spices, as well as citrus and herbal notes. Perfectly balanced between the aromatic and taste phase – evolves with aeration.