Maison Villevert

“I have always viewed the world of wines and cocktails as brother and sister”

David Ríos

I love making my cocktails with wine bases, and the hallmark in all Maison Villevert’s products is the grape. Therefore, using their vermouths, gins, cognacs and liqueurs distinguishes my work and my cocktails with wonderful results.

French Negroni David Ríos

Maison Villevert

Des spiritueux d’exception

David Ríos Nouaison

Based in Cognac, southwestern France, Maison Villevert is a family run company, custodian of a mindset that dates back to the Renaissance.

Inspired by grapes and the French art de vivre, Maison Villevert’s teams invent, package and build premium brands to make them shine around the world.

Developing l’art de vivre

From observing consumer patterns around the world, Maison Villevert uses grapes and wine to create fine spirits that are different, more accomplished and in tune with their times.

This vision of the world of spirits provides Maison Villevert and its partners with an exceptional playing field that is both fun and hedonistic, while promoting French art de vivre.

The Collection Villevert

Much more than a mere catalogue of products, Maison Villevert offers different worlds and emotions, products and experiences inspired by its legacy founded on grapes and the French art de vivre.

Villevert collection