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My Memories DR

with Antonella Bondi

Our fragrances reveal spirit, emotions and memories by acting on the senses with sustainable products and ingredients that respect the person, nature and the tradition of small farmers and artisans.

Every spray brings back a moment of authenticity and spontaneity that tells you a story.

A single drop captures the essence of memory.

Padre Azul and Xiaman

Premium handmade tequila and mezcal

PADRE AZUL. Probably the smoothest tequila on earth.
Born out of a love story between HP Eder from Austria and Adriana Alvarez Maxemin from Guadalajara, Mexico, Padre azul is an award-winning 100% blue agave super-premium tequila known for its vanilla and caramel flavors and unparalleled smooth finish.

XIAMAN. The Spirit of Generations.
Crafted with an art handed down by five generations, this wild agave blend mezcal is a gift from ancient times. Sweet, aromatic and smokey, authentic, yet elegant: Xiaman Mezcal will appeal to all your senses.

Maison Villevert

Des spiritueux d’exception

Maison Villevert invents, develops and supports international brands of premium spirits.
Based in Cognac, southwestern France, Maison Villevert is a family run company, custodian of a mindset that dates back to the Renaissance.
Inspired by grapes and the french art de vivre, Maison Villevert’s teams invent, package and build premium brands to make them shine around the world.

Global Bartending Talent Agency

The world’s first talent agencyGlobal Bartending Talent Agency is an international network of the world’s leading bartenders, boasting the most diverse selection of talent from across the globe.

Global Bartending Talent Agency is a hub of excellence for drinks professionals, acting as a liaison between luxury brands and exceptional bartenders. We also provide specialist consultancy and full execution of brand events, on trade & online strategies.

The London
Essence Co.

Exquisite drinks from distilled botanicals

The London Essence Company uses traditional distillation techniques to create light and elegant drinks.

Using distilled essences, imagination and input from leading bartenders, they have crafted a range of carefully calibrated mixers with a contemporary edge.